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Cambridge IGCSE®

Information and Communication

Technology 0417

IGCSE ICT - Course Syllabus 2020, 2021, 2022

IGCSE ICT 2020-2022-syllabus.pdf

Continuing from Year 10 ...

Term 1 Plan S.Y. 2019-2020


* Check your school email for announcement.

* Make sure you join the ICT Google Classroom group. Send me an email if you need a code to join the group.

* Don't forget to bring your copybook especially during theory class.

* All classwork should be submitted to Google Classroom. Don't forget to attach the file and click "turn in" button. Make sure to submit it on time.

* The lesson presentation will be posted to Google Classroom once we are done discussing the topic.

The 20 Most common Keyboard shortcuts everyone should know

Helpful Tips when using a computer

Year 11 Teacher:

Ms. Irma Pacificar Talibsao

Mr. Mohammed