ICT Year 8

Mr Mohamed


Python programming language

Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Access Databases


New rotation schedule:

  • All ICT students are moving to MEDIA with Mr Imran
  • Start date: Sunday 11th November



  • Run simple Python programs in Interactive and Script mode
  • Write programs using different types of data (e.g. strings and integers)

Excel Spreadsheet:

  • To enter labels and numbers into a spreadsheet.
  • to use ‘SUM’ to calculate the total of a set of numbers in a range of cells

Access Databases:

  • Understand how to set up a database by using fields, data types and validation rules.
  • Know how to import data into a database.


  • Students identify needs and wants and to generate possible design ideas.
  • Provide students with opportunities to build and program robotic devices.


Ongoing assessment, classwork and short assessment.


From www.python.org anyone can download the software for free and use it. You can also go to code academy website and subscribe to learn Python.