Year 12

Teachers: Ms. Asmaa

Dear parents and students,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Year 12 AS Business!

This is a one year AS course which teaches students there is no one perfect solution to a business problem. AS Business will provide students with the opportunity to develop and learn a wide range of business concepts, knowledge and skills that enable the acquisition of advanced skills for their continuing educational journey in Business, Marketing and Management related degree courses.

On completion of the course students will then sit the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in the summer term.

Students will be given end of unit tests, assignments, projects, classwork and homework all to assess their level of understanding and identify areas of weakness or strength. These will be alongside the departmental assessment cycle.

Students: Use this site and 'Google Drive' to keep up to date with what you need to achieve success on the course.

Parents: This is a great way to see what your child is accomplishing in class.

If you have any queries please contact us via one of the following email addresses:

Ms. Asmaa -

Year Overview

Term 1

  • Business and its environment
  • People in organisations

Term 2

  • Marketing
  • Operations and project management
  • Finance and business accounting

Term 3

  • Revision
  • Cambridge AS Business examination


Text book:

Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Coursebook (Third Edition) by Peter Stimpson and Alastair Farquharson


For general business information:

Independent Learning and Homework

Independent learning

Each week, you should be dedicating at least (4) hours to additional study

    • Some of this will be set homework tasks
    • Some of this will be your own research and reading on the topics being taught in class
    • Ms. Asmaa and I are available throughout the school day if you need any help

If you do not study or complete work outside of lesson time you risk failure!


Homework is any work or activity which students are asked to do outside lesson time either on their own or with parents.

Why we give homework?

  • To encourage students to develop the confidence and self-discipline to work on their own, an essential skill for adult life.
  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding.
  • To extend school learning, for example through additional reading

Types of homework

Homework might include such things as:

1. Writing assignments.

2. Learning assignments.

3. Preparing an oral presentation.

4. Reading in preparation for a lesson.

5. Finding out information/researching a project.

Non completion of homework within the set deadline will incur sanctions in line with the school policy.

Class Expectations

Students opting for AS Level Business need to have/build:

  1. Excellent English language writing skills, spelling and grammar is mandatory.
  2. Knowledge - Know the content theory, definitions and subject matter.
  3. Application - Apply your knowledge to the case in question, relate.
  4. Analysis - Organise your ideas, explain, generalise when required, distinguish between, examine the data given etc.
  5. Evaluation - Weigh up your answer, advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, benefits and drawbacks give a suitable conclusion.

Learning prerequisites:

  1. Many students in Year 12 opt for the subject with a presumption that it is easy but they soon realise there is much learning to do and that the syllabus is vast. A positive attitude towards learning the subject and alertness during lessons is mandatory.
  2. Students need to read and revise all lessons taught at school at home and maintain a regular study regime. Many students try cramming a lot of portions a few weeks before the start of exams this will only add to their confusion and is strongly not advised.
  3. Regularity in attendance is a major contributing factor to knowledge retention and effective learning.
  4. Year 12 is a BIG jump from IGCSE Level and is not just one step above the ladder as most students perceive. A minimum grade of a ‘C’ in IGCSE Business Studies is desirable in order to pass at AS Level since the grade thresholds at AS Level are much higher than IGCSE in the subject.