Science Year 9

Welcome back


Ms. Hanadi Alam Eddine

Ms. Mona Ahmed

Mr. Greg Frosler

Calendar of Events

Science test (unit 1&4)Tuesday 9/10/18

Homework: Students should review what is covered in class on a daily basis, and they have to complete unfinished work.

Weekly updates

Week 1: 29/8

Meet & greet

Lab Safety rules

Week : 2/09

Plants unit 1


structure of the leaf

Week : 9/9



Week : 15/9

unit 4

Research atomic scientist

Week : 23/9

unit 4

presenting atomic scientist

atoms and elements

Week : 30/9

Trends in groups 1, 7 and 8

Week : 7/10

Metals project


Cambridge Checkpoint Science Textbook and workbook

Bill Nye videos and worksheets

Google class

Board works

Class expectations & rules

Students have to be in school on time.

Students have to bring all materials needed for the lesson.

Students have to be ready AND prepared for the lesson by completing their assignments (homework and classwork) plus taking necessary notes that helps in their studying.

Usage of cell-phones is forbidden

Seeds, fizzy drinks and chewing gums are not allowed

Curriculum Guide

Science Year 9 Curriculum Guide.docx


TERM 1 weightings

TERM 2 weightings

TERM 3 weightings

Tests 40%

Assignments &short assessments 60%