Science Year 9

Welcome back

We hope you have enjoyed your winter break and you are ready for this term. Kindly find below all the necessary information for your guidance.

Catch up for Term II Student Support Program.

Please review Term 1 units so that you are ready for Term 2. Check Google classroom for assignments.

The following topics will be covered in Term 2

Units: 2, 5, 7 and 10


Ms. Hanadi Alam Eddine 9-1 & 9-6

Mr. Greg Frosler 9-3 & 9-4

Ms. Mona Ahmed 9-2 & 9-5

Calendar of Events

Term 2 tests:

Unit 2 test: Tuesday 16 Jan. 18

Unit 5&7 test: Tuesday 20 Feb. 18

Unit 10 Test: Tuesday 6 March 18

Term 3 Tests:

Unit 3 test : Tuesday March 27

Science Fair

Dates and Deadlines

1. 14th January 2018- Students should have chosen a topic.

2. 9th February 2018- Project should be complete.

3. 21st February 2018– Bring model/materials for demonstration and poster to school, final preparations for Science fair.

4. 22nd February 2018 – Science Fair

Homework: Students should review what is covered in class on a daily basis, and they have to complete unfinished work.

Weekly updates

Week 1: January 3

Unit 2

Factors that affect population

Food chains

Week 2: January 7

Factors that affect population

Food chains

Week 3: January 14

class presentations (population dynamics)

Solving workbook unit 2 and page 40-41 in coursebook

Unit 2 test

Science fair planning

Week 5: January 21

Unit 5

Compare endothermic and exothermic reactions

Science Fair preparation


Cambridge Checkpoint Science Textbook and workbook

Bill Nye videos and worksheets

Google class

Board works

Class expectations & rules

Students have to be in school on time.

Students have to bring all materials needed for the lesson.

Students have to be ready AND prepared for the lesson by completing their assignments (homework and classwork) plus taking necessary notes that helps in their studying.

Usage of cell-phones is forbidden

Seeds, fizzy drinks and chewing gums are not allowed


TERM 1 weightings

TERM 2 weightings

TERM 3 weightings

tests 30%

Assignments 50%

​projects 20%

tests 30%

Assignments 50%

​projects 20%

Final Exam 50%

assignments 30%

​short assessments or tests 20%

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