Science Year 9

Welcome back

Dear parents and students

Welcome to year 9, we are looking forward working with you this year, wishing you a successful and enjoyable academic year.

For any inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us by emails any time.


Ms Mona Ahmed 9-1, 9-2

Mr Gregory Frosler 9-3

Ms Lubna Malaeb 9-4

Ms Sreerekha Raghuram 9-5, 9-6

Classwork: Students should have their coursebook and notebooks every day in class and the workbook when required.

Short assessments will be in class at the end of each unit, students should be prepared anytime.

Homework: Students should review what is covered in class on a daily basis, and they have to complete unfinished work.

Calendar of events

Dear parents,

Please note that the year 9 students will be having a test on Wednesday 29th January about unit 5 & 7 , best of luck.

Dear parents,

As a Science department we will be holding the annual Science fair on Thursday the 5th of March 2020. This is the best time when we can ignite the students' knowledge and encourage them to investigate a topic of their interest in a scientific way.

This is a mandatory work for all students.

The groups should be of 2 or 3 students from the same class.

No individual work is accepted.

Below are the important dates:

-24th January 2020 Students submit the project idea to the Science teacher for approval/advice.

-24th February 2020 Final Project submitted to the teacher.

-3rd March 2020 Bring your models/materials for demonstration and poster to school,final preparations for Science fair.

-5th March 2020 Science Fair

Please check the files below: Letter to parents, topics ideas and rubric.

If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Thank you!

Rubric for Science fair projects 2020 doc

Weekly updates Term 2

Week 1: 24/11

Unit 2

Adaptation of plants and animals in Qatar

Graded assignment

students research about 3 animals and 3 plants that live in Qatar other than camel or cactus.

Students present their power points in class

Week 2: 1/12

Continuing Unit 2

Ecology and Sampling

Food chains and food webs



Week 3: 8/12

Continuing Unit 2


Habitat destruction

Protecting the environment

National day celebration

Week 4: 15/12

General revision unit 2

Winter break starts

Week 5 : 5/1

Revision unit 2

5.1 Burning

5.2 Exothermic reactions

Unit 2 Test ( Wednseday 8/1 )

5.3 & 5.4 Endothermic reactions

Week 6 : 12/1

Revision Unit 5

7.1 What is a salt

Graded practical unit 5

7.2 Preparing salts using metal and acid

Week 7 : 19/1

7.3 Metal carbonates and acids

7.4 Forming salts by neutralization

Practical demonstration

Revision unit 7

Week 8:

Week 9:

Week 10:

Week 11:

Week 12:


Cambridge Checkpoint Science Textbook and workbook

Bill Nye videos and worksheets

Google classroom

Board works

Curriculum Guide

Science Year 9 Curriculum Guide.docx


EMS descriptors for students