Science Year 8

Welcome to the science page for year 8

Dear parents and students

Welcome to year 8, we are looking forward working with you this year, wishing you a successful and enjoyable academic year.

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Ms Lubna Malaeb 8-2, 8-3, 8-5

Ms Mona Ahmed 8-1, 8-4, 8-7

Ms Lamyaa Malaeb 8-6

Science Fair Winners

We are so proud of our students who have shown an outstanding scientific work during the Science fair Event.

Congratulations to:

First place : Reyaan Ahmed and Aesha Balut 8-2

Second place : Kirsten Enriquez and Alexandera Sgura 8-2

Calendar of Events

Starting from 28 April till 9 May


Unit 13.1

Magnets & magnetic materials


Unit 13.2

Magnetic poles


Unit 13.3

Magnetic field patterns


Unit 13.4

Making an electromagnet.


Unit 13.5

A stronger electromagnet


Unit 13.6

Electric currents make magnetic fields


Revision unit 13

End of unit question.


Revision unit 13

Worksheets & exercises.





Science Fair

Dear Parents,

Subject: Secondary Science Fair 7th of March, 2019

EMS Secondary Science department will be holding the annual Science fair on Thursday the 7th of March 2019. Prior to the fair, students will choose a project they want to present at the fair; some project ideas are given or they can come up with their own ideas. Ample time is scheduled, so students can complete the work at a comfortable pace.

The primary objective of the science fair is to have students approach a problem scientifically. This includes asking questions and forming hypotheses, creating experiments to test those hypotheses, organizing data and drawing conclusions & writing about scientific research.

The project must be experimental in nature as opposed to research oriented. In other words, students must do a test, survey, or experiment to determine the answer to their question instead of just looking it up in a book. The students must do all work; however, assistance will be provided by teachers. If they want to try experiments at home, please supervise. It is very difficult to work alone without the exchange of ideas, so we encourage you to brainstorm with your child on different ideas and possible topics your child may want to pursue. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to have fun and learn Science at the same time! Once your child has chosen a project and decided to do, they can present their project proposal on paper to their Science teacher. If the project is selected, on the day of the fair, they get a chance to present it, with an accompanying poster to judges, staff and other students. The best projects in each year group will be awarded a prize and certificate.

Please note deadlines given to students for preparing projects for the science fair;

  1. 27th January 2019- You should have chosen your topic. Discuss this with your Science teacher for approval/advice.
  2. 17th February 2019- Project should be complete. Present this to your teacher.
  3. 5th March 2019– Bring your model/materials for demonstration and poster to school, final preparations for Science fair.
  4. 7th March 2019 – Science Fair

I am looking forward to working with you to make this a valuable learning experience for your child. I appreciate your support on this important project.


Dear parents,

Please note that Progression test is postponed to Test assessment week which will happen from 26th May till 30th May.

A revision guide will be shared with the students before the test.

Study well and good luck for all!


Students need to solve their workbook exercises on daily basis which will be occasionally checked by the teacher.


Some of the classwork provided in class will be graded and students will be informed.


Students should be always prepared for any assessment any time.

Announcement :

Codes for google classroom were given to students in class, so make sure your child has it and that he/she did join the classroom using their school email.

Rubric for Science fair projects 2018 doc

Young Scientists' Work

Lab Safety posters

Lab Safety posters

Lab Equipments posters

Lab Safety posters

Lab Safety posters

Lab Safety posters

Lab Safety posters

Lab Safety posters

Class rules & expectations

Students are expected to follow class rules, they will be informed before tests but they should expect a short assessment any time without previous notice.


Cambridge Checkpoint Science coursebook

Bill Nye videos and worksheets

Related youtube videos

Boardworks power points

Year 8 Science Curriculum Subject Guide 2018-19.docx

Grading weights

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3Tests 40% Tests 40% Final 50%CW & short assess. 40% CW & short assess. 40% CW & short assess. 30%Projects 20% Projects 20% Projects 20%

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