Science Year 8

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Congratulations to the winners of the Science Fair!

It was great to see all the students excited and involved in this event.

Kindly find below all the necessary information for your guidance.

Year 8 Winners

First place : Second place:

  • Ylisha Vinluan 8-2 Michael Korres 8-2
  • Andrea Fabian 8-2 Abdelrahman Al-Kahlout 8-2


Ms Lubna Malaeb Ms Mona Ahmed

8-2, 8-4, 8-6 8-1, 8-3, 8-5

Catch up for Term II Student Support Program.

Please review Term 1 units so that you are ready for Term 2. Check Google classroom for assignments.

The following topics will be covered in Term 2

Units : 3, 4, 6 and 11

Calendar of Events´╗┐




Announcement : Unit 5 short assessment is on Tuesday 17th of April. Please study the information in the coursebook and your notebook and solve the workbook exercises. Also, study the activity worksheets and revision handouts distributed in class.

The units that will be covered in term 2 are:

UNIT 3: The Circulatory System

UNIT 4: Respiration

UNIT 6: States of matter

UNIT 11: Sound

Any announcements will be posted on google classroom so please keep checking your child emails.

Young Scientists' Work

Class rules & expectations

Students are expected to follow class rules, they will be informed before tests but they should expect a short assessment any time without previous notice.


Cambridge Checkpoint Science coursebook

Bill Nye videos and worksheets

Related youtube videos

Boardworks power points

Grading weights

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3

Tests 30% Tests 30% Final 50%

CW & short assess. 50% CW & short assess. 50% CW & short assess. 30%

Projects 20% Projects 20% Projects 20%

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