IGCSE Biology Year 10


Teachers: Dr. Marina Pashkina and Ms. Hanadi Alam Eddine




There are many facets that point to the importance of biology. First and foremost, the science of biology is mainly studying about life. Second, it provides an in-depth, scientific understanding of how all living and nonliving organisms interact with each other.

Third, it gives insights on how diverse life forms are. Moreover, biology encompasses other fields of research that are related to the sustainability of life, including the environment, ecosystem, food quality, causes of illnesses, the development of medicines, the study of the human body, to name a few.

Apparently, the study of life has, somehow, helped in shaping the world. It has also given so many credible and reliable answers that explain why things happen in a more scientific manner.

Dear Parents and Students!

Welcome to the new 2018-2019 academic year!

Biology is a very dynamic and interesting subject, and we commend you for choosing it! We will be doing a lot interesting lab experiments during the course of the year, and apply theory to practice. We encourage you to ask questions, participate in class discussions and to enjoy the year!

We wish you all great success in the new school year!

Good Luck!!!

Dr. Marina and Ms. Hanadi


1.Chapter 1. "Classification",Personal poster project, due date 16.09.2018

2.Chapter 1. "Classification", Group ppt project on Google class,due date 29.09.2018

3. Laboratory investigation 1.1, Practical work book, due day 16.09.2018

4. Chapter 1 " Classification" Unit test, 01.10.2018


Year 10 IGCSE Biology Curriculum Guide.docx