Ms Hanadi and Ms Nandia

IGCSE Biology Year 10


Welcome to Biology iGCSE Year 10! This page is where you will find the scope of work, classroom expectations and useful resources. There will also be links to useful revision sites that can be used for independent study.

Biography of Ms Nandia:

I am a Science teacher with 23 years of teaching experience- half of that teaching in South Africa and the most recent half teaching in London UK. My education includes a Masters degree in Science as well as several other teaching qualifications. I have also been a Biology examiner for different exam boards as I believe it helps me understand the curriculum requirements better. I love the outdoors, am a keen gardener and support Tottenham during football season but always South Africa for rugby and cricket!

Scope of work:

Classroom expectations:

Note: Students must make sure they always bring their coursebooks and copybooks to class. They should not need to ask to go to their locker for this!

All students need to create a portfolio folder for their iBIO work with their past assessments and worksheets inside. This will be assessed in term 2.


Students should review what is covered in class on a daily basis, and they have to complete unfinished work - this could be worksheets, workbook questions etc. Students are also advised to complete end-of -chapter questions as this will give them much needed test practise.


  • Term 3 assessments: Final Year 10 Exam in last week of May - covering whole year's work. Students are expected to study chapter 1 - 14 for this exam. Resources to use should include the copy book, workbook and practical workbook in addition to the coursebook and Google Classroom resources.
  • Portfolio: Students are reminded to bring in their folders so that all their year 10 work can be collated.
  • Practical work will be continuously assessed after practicals have been completed for a practical grade and workbooks will be continuously assessed after work have been completed for a classwork grade. These grades will for part of the term 3 grade.
  • Project: Research project done on BioTerrorism using Biological weapons. See Google Classroom for more information and rubric. Due date = 2 May 2018


Course book, Google Classroom uploads, Copy book, workbook and practical workbook

Science Fair - TERM 2

Dear Year 10 students, please note that this year Science fair is on 22/02/2018. All students must be part of a Science fair project. Please be reminded that you do not have to do another project this term if you choose a Biology topic.

Dates and Deadlines

1. 14th January 2018- Students should have chosen a topic, final choice ready by 21st January 2017

2. 9th February 2018- Project should be complete.

3. 21st February 2018– Bring model/materials for demonstration and poster to school, final preparations for Science fair.

4. 22nd February 2018 – Science Fair

The details of the project will be uploaded on google classroom. Please see me if you have any questions.

Ms. Nandia and Ms. Hanadi