AS Biology Year 12

Ms. Elena

Welcome to AS Biology class of 2017-2018 academic year!

My name is Ms Elena, and I am a Biology Teacher in English Modern School. It is a pleasure to work with your children and your families. The Science Department at English Modern School prides itself on the variety of activities and learning opportunities and experiments for our students.

My students will be challenged and encouraged to work hard and achieve excellent levels of success. And technology will play a vital role in a learning process for all of my students and myself.

Please note that I encourage the open communication between home and my classroom. This site, students books and Yr12 Biology Google classroom will provide an excellent avenue to share information, exchange ideas and strategies to promote lifelong success. I strongly encourage you to frequently check the mentioned resources.

Never hesitate to contact me at your convenience

AS Biology Curriculum Guide.docx

Term 2 assessment calendar:

Mock exam - 50 %

Assessed practical:

09/12, 11/12:

10/02, 12/02;

17/02, 19/02

Test (21/02) -1 (20 %).