Rules and Regulations

The Correct PE Kit

The PE Department asks for your cooperation and support in adhering to the following dress requirements and expectations:

Physical Education Kit

  • EMS Grey T-Shirt
  • EMS Black Shorts
  • Athletic shoes – no football cleats (indoor or outdoor) or school shoes
  • EMS Sweat Shirt/Pants – no black jeans / other sports pants
  • Water bottle
  • EMS Baseball Hat

Structure of a PE lesson

◦You will meet your teacher at a location your teacher discusses with you as soon as possible after the bell

◦The start of a lesson you will get a introduction to your lesson- The lesson will start when you are waiting quietly.

◦At the end of your lesson you will finish 2-3 minutes before the bell for you to come in and have a debrief.

Rules / Expectations

  1. Come properly prepared for PE everyday (refer to Proper Attire/Preparation).
  2. Follow all directions and school rules.
  3. Give your best effort everyday - you may like some activities better than others, but always try to give your best effort.
  4. No food, candy, or gum allowed.
  5. No Mobile Phones
  6. Respect others and respect all equipment.
  7. Sportsmanship - be a good sport.
  8. Remember to be respectful when someone is talking-When it's your turn, the respect will be returned.
  9. Bathroom - try to use the bathrooms either before or at the end of class.
  10. Leaving the gym - NO ONE leaves the teaching areas without teacher approval.
  11. Report all injuries to the PE teacher immediately when they happen.
  12. HAVE FUN !!! - Enjoy yourself and make the most of it.