Extra Curricular Opportunties

After School Sport

In the secondary school we offer the students the opportunities to get involved in a number of after school activities. These activities include the QUESS Leagues which involves playing other top schools in Qatar as well as organised play after school which in played internally with EMS students. We want all students to be able to participate in afterschool activities as there are many rewarding benefits. The activities occur at different times during the year. Timings and different activities will be posted on the Sports Board in the gym as well as the teachers letting their students know when to sign up or trial.

Mission of EMS After School Sport

Involvement in extracurricular activities plays a vital role in the all-round development of students therefore it is vital that they understand the importance of “getting involved”. A huge part of the EMS mission is to increase participation from our students including all age groups from year 7-12 and Males and Females.

To do this we are offering a number of activities that meet the needs of all our students to allow a higher participation rate.

The mission also focuses on EMS increasing its image around Qatar by getting involved in as many QUESS leagues as possible. We will promote our image by demonstrating high levels of skill, good sportsmanship and the “EMS good Spirit”