EMS Model United Nations

Welcome back EMS MUN members!

2017-2018 is going to be a great year for EMS MUN


(1.) Congratulations to EMS' new President, Ms. Jasmine Afifi! Well earned Madame President!

(2.) We are all registered and set to go for our first conference the Qatar Leadership Conference put on jointly by Thimun and Northwestern University. The following students will be attending:

MUNIS - Form 2 Participant Table

  1. Abdulkarim, Baraa
  2. Abulnasr, Ammar
  3. Darwiched, Elissa
  4. Kantas, Houyeme
  5. Al Khenji, Waad (replacing Rana Mansour)
  6. Satrio, Rakha
  7. Satti, Ahmed
  8. Shahen, Noor
  9. Abdulkarim, Oumayma (replacing Raslan Al-Abdulla)

(3.) EMS MUN held its first meeting on Tuesday, Sept 12-the third day back in school. The MUN Team decided that future meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 2 in A111 until our dedicated room is up and running.

(4.) EMS has its own spacious room this year (thanks Mr. Matt!)

(5.) Officer elections have taken place...congratulations to all of our new officers!

EMS MUN Officers:

President: Ms. Jasmin Afifi

Vice President: Mr. Baraa Abdulkarim

Secretary: Ms. Houyeme Kantas

Treasurer: Mr. Ahmed Satti

Public Relations Officer: Mr. Mzeid Al Moukdad

Training Officer: Ms. Aya Afifi

Recruitment Officer: Mr. Saifeldeen Afifi

EMS MUN staff:

Mr. Gunnar Stride

Ms. Waliha Gani

Mr. Piet Bosch

Mr. Kareem Abdel-Rahim

Model United Nations

Agenda/minutes for weekly meeting (Week 4)

3 October 2017


1. Congratulations Officers!

Baraa Abdulkarim - Vice President

Houyeme Kantas - Secretary

Saifeldeen Afifi - Recruitment Officer

Ahmed Satti - Treasurer

Aya Afifi -Training Officer

Mzeid Al Moukdad -Public Relations Officer

2. Conferences Update:

PHESMUN - no reply

MISMUN - no reply

GT MUN - Received our invite

Received an invite from DESMUN hosted by Dukhan English School Model

United Nations 2018. Any interest?

● QLC Payment time (QR 400)

3. Bake sale: we need a day/date and a structure!

4. Jr. MUN Update

5. The Group discussion board is up and running on our site on EMS’ home page but we

need a list of every student’s school email address to get him/her signed up. Parents can

sign up was well if they wish; all I need is their email address and they can get linked in.

6. Mock debates (exactly like real debates)

1. Structure of the debate

a. Delegates will be assigned a different country for every topic


b. Resolutions: Must be prepared by the delegates at home. It will be checked.

If the delegate refuses to bring the complete resolution 3 times, it will count as an absence.

c. Lobbying: Delegates will submit their resolutions to the table. The delegates will then merge their resolutions

d. Debate: Delegates will then submit their resolutions and start debating in their country’s perspective

2. Rules

a. Delegates are not allowed to speak

b. Any form of communication will be through “NOTES”

c. Delegates can only submit their note by raising their hand.

d. Admins are the only people who are allowed to be standing during debate

3. Notes

a. All of the different notes will be read by the admins...meaning that it should be appropriate.

7. AOB

EMS MUN photo album:

EMS' 2017-2018 MUN Officers

Our first meeting in our new room: