Maths Year 9


Welcome to Year 9 Mathematics!!!

Dear Students,

Welcome back to school! We hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and have prepared yourselves for the new academic session.

Your year 9 math teachers this year are Mr. Tarek, Ms. Marisol and Ms. Gloria. We look forward to a great time of learning with you all and wish you a super-successful amazing year!

Term 2

Curriculum Guide

Year 9 Curriculum Subject Guide 2016-17 (1).pdf

Standards covered in Term 2

Gs7: Know and use Pythagoras’ theorem to solve two-dimensional problems involving right-angled triangles.

Ae2/3: Construct algebraic expressions and apply the index laws for multiplication and division to simple algebraic expressions.

Ae7: Substitute positive and negative numbers into expressions and formulae.

Ae6: Derive formulae and change the subject; use formulae from mathematics and other subjects.

Ae4: Factorise or transform algebraic expressions by taking out single-term common factors.

Ae5: Add and subtract simple algebraic fractions.

Ae10: Expand the product of two linear expressions and simplify the corresponding quadratic expression.

Dp1: Calculate statistics and select those most appropriate to the problem.

Nf4: Recognise when fractions or percentages are needed to compare different quantities.

Nf3: Solve problems involving percentage changes, including simple problems involving personal or household finance, e.g. simple interest, discount, profit, loss and tax,

Topics to be covered in the week starting : 19th January 2020

13.1 Solving linear equations

13.2 Solving problems

Upcoming Assessments


Tuesday, 21st January 2020


8.3 Using Pythagoras' theorem

9.1 Simplifying algebraic expressions

9.2 Constructing algebraic expressions

9.3 Substituting into expressions

9.4 Deriving and using formulae

9.5 Factorising

9.6 Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions

9.7 Expanding the product of two linear expressions


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