Math Year 7


Dear Parents and Students,

Ms. Gloria, Ms. Lamyaa, Mr. DJ and I welcome you to the 2018-2019 academic year. With your dedication, commitment and hard work to provide a high quality learning environment, we are looking forward to another wonderful year.

The Year 7 students are following the Year 7Cambridge Curriculum Mathematics focusing on a number of skills that are distributed through term 1, term 2 and term 3. Throughout term 1, students will be given many opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the skills delivered. For more details about the grading structure of term 1, please open and download the assessment schedule below.

Success in this class is based on many things, the most important are a student's attendance, participation in class and following up at home. When the student is confused, please make sure you ask questions during or after class as we all apply an open door policy.

Finally, kindly note that the best way to know what is happening in our math classes is to check our Year 7 Math google site and the google classroom. For further questions or if you would like to make an appointment with your son's/daughter's teacher, please contact the secondary school secretary to set a date.

Thank you and wish you the best luck,

Nour, Gloria, Lamyaa and DJ


Mathematics Year 7- Curriculum Subject Guide.pdf

  • Topics to be covered in the week beginning 18th November 2018:

The test will include: Upcoming Assessments:

1.2 Adding & Subtracting negative numbers Thursday 22nd Math test ( TEST WEEK).

1.3 Multiples


1.5 Prime numbers Please check google classroom for further details

1.6 Squares & Square roots

2.1 Generating Sequences (1)

2.2 Generating Sequences (2)

2.3 Representing Simple functions

2.4 Constructing expressions

2.5 Deriving and using formulae

5.1 Labelling and estimating angles

5.2 Drawing & measuring angles

5.3 Calculating angles


Year 7 - Maths Assessment Schedule - Term 1 2018/2019