IGCSE Mathematics Year 10

Updated on 22/04/2018

Weekly Lesson Plan

Week starting 22/04/2018: chapter 16, Scatter diagrams and correlation

Week starting 29/04/2018: chapter 13, understanding measurement: units of conversion, time and upper and lower bounds.

Term Three Assessment Schedule

Maths y10 grading structure term 3 2017-2018.docx

Coming assessments / assignments

Third assessment for term three in units 13 and 16 on Monday May 7, 2018.

Work sheets

W.S. ch.1.docx
W.S. ch.2.docx
W.S. ch.3.docx
W.S. ch.5.docx
W.S. ch.6.docx
W.S. ch.7.docx
W.S. ch.8.docx
W.S. ch.11.docx
W.S. ch.12 & 20 Core.docx
W.S. ch.12&20 Extended.docx
W.S. ch.16.docx
W.S. ch. 13 core.docx
W.S. ch. 13 extended.docx

Year 10 mathematics curriculum guide 2017-2018

Mathematics - Year 10 Curriculum Subject Guide (1).pdf