IGCSE Accounting Year 10

Ms. Marie

Teacher: Ms. Marie

What are we learning this week?

Week of: 1st December

Lesson 1: Short assessment- Cashbook

Lesson 2: Preparation of Cashbook

Lesson 3: Preparation of Cashbook

Lesson 4: Introduction to Petty Cashbook

Short assessment on cashbook - Dec 1 2019 Sunday

IMPORTANT: Always check our google classroom for announcements, powerpoints and other resources.

Why Choose IGCSE Accounting?

Cambridge IGCSE Accounting is accepted by universities and employers as proof of an understanding of

the theory and concepts of accounting, and the ways in which accounting is used in a variety of modern

economic and business contexts.

Candidates focus on the skills of recording, reporting, presenting and interpreting financial information;

these form an ideal foundation for further study, and for a future career within the profession.

Test Dates:

Please see below assessment schedule :

Classwork and Homework will include:

1. Chapter Revision Questions from textbook.

2. Worksheets provided in class.

3. IGCSE Accounting Past papers to be provided in class.

Class Expectations:

1. Students are required to arrive in class on time.

2. Students should have their textbook ,workbook, copybook, calculator and pen every lesson.

3. Students should immediately start with the bell work as soon as they arrive in class.

4. All classwork and homework should be submitted on the dates instructed by the teacher.

Relevant powerpoints/google slides: