AS Mechanics


You've reached the final phase of your school career at EMS. Success comes through hard work and dedication. May we all use our time effectively and efficiently in order to ensure success at the end of this academic year. I am really looking forward to working with you in the Mechanics class and I wish you well!

I believe in the wise words of Albert Einstein, who said:

"The only way to learn Mathematics, is to do Mathematics"

As young adults we should realize that we are busy preparing ourselves to make our world a better place!

AS Mechanics Curriculum

Mechanics form part of the AS Mathematics course together with Pure Mathematics.

  • Pure Mathematics offered this year by Ms Jabeen and Ms Fatemeh and Mr Johan
  • Mechanics offered by Mr Johan

Use the following link to access the complete outlay of the course: Syllabus

Lesson Plan


Week beginning Sunday December 1st

This week we continue working on Chapter 7: Work and Energy. From next week we will start with revision for the mock exams.

Week beginning Sunday December 8th

Revision for the Mock Exams! We will use exercises from past papers and 'Save My Exams' to start getting ready for the exams that will commence on the 12th of January 2020.

Remember! Short Assessment on Chapter 6 will be done on Monday 10 December.

Assessment information

Term 2; 2019/2020

Final Exam

Detai will be given as soon as it is confirmed.