Welcome to Year 11 IGCSE History!

This is who we are...

Teacher: Mr. Gunnar Stride, M.A., M.S.

Link to Cambridge's 2019 IGCSE History Syllabus

Announcements and dates

1. Congratulations to Alannod Fakhri who received the Year's first Arete Award of Excellence.

2. Project 1 and Portfolio marks are in and congratulations to Year 11 History for their continued dedication to excellence as 75% of the class got marks ranging from A*-B+ on their Project 1 and 66% of the class got marks ranging from A*-A- on their class portfolios. Kudos to the entire class as Year 11 History is unequivocally one of the highest performing classes in the school in terms of academics.

3. Upcoming assessments: to mirror students experiences during mock exam week and during May's exams, students will be taking a Paper 1 Exam (on World War 1 and the Versailles Settlement) and a Paper 2 Exam (on Who was to blame for the Cold War?) during the week from Sunday, 3 Nov.-Thursday 7 Nov. Students will take their Paper 2 exam during their double lesson on Wednesday, November 6 and the Paper 1 Exam (W.W.I. and the Versailles settlement) will be determined and announced once it is determined the dates on which students will be given exams in other classes.

2019-2020 Curriculum guide History Year 10

This is who and what we are in studying in Cambridge IGCSE History as dictated by the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum:

Core content studies:

  1. Were the peace studies of 1919-23 fair? Completed
  2. To what extent was the League of Nations a success?
  3. Why had international peace collapsed by 1939
Who was to blame for the Cold War? Current Unit
  1. How effectively did the U.S.A. contain the spread of communism?
  2. How secure was the U.S.S.R.'s control over Eastern Europe
  3. Why did events in the Gulf matter, c. 1970-2000

Depth studies:

  1. The First World War I, 1914-1918 Completed
  2. The United States, 1919-1941.

The Text

There are three major textbooks used in IGCSE Geography.

(1) Twentieth Century History - the major source for lessons - a hefty book filled with detail.

(2) Germany - a specialist book, very useful when dealing with Topic 3 above.

(3) World History - a book filled with excellent summaries!

There are four lessons per week in Year 11. There will be homework on two occasions a week. Homework will always be relevant to work completed in class on the day the homework is awarded. Students will normally have a couple of days grace to complete homework.

The IGCSE Examination

The Final Exam will consist of one examination paper of 2 hour duration based upon topics from all the work carried out this year. (see Revision Guide given to your child)

Section A : 5 questions, choose and answer 3 in full. (3 X 20 marks = 60)

Section B: 3 questions, choose one. Write essay. (1 X 40 = 40)

Total for exam: 100 Final Exam = 60% of term grade.

Assignments, for which marks may be given, will occur on a termly basis.

Students will be given a minimum of one calendar week to prepare for tests.

Grading and assessment weightings

90-100 A*

80-89 A

70-79 B

60-69 C

50-59 D

Below 50 E

Term 1

2 Examinations-40% of term grade

Classwork and short assessments-40% of term grade

Assignments and Projects-20% of term grade

Term 2

Mock examination-40% of term grade

1 Additional Examination-20% of term grade

Classwork and short assessments-40% of term grade

Term 3

Students entire grade will come from the Cambridge Examination which is graded externally