Welcome to IGCSE History Year 10!

This is who we are...

Instructor: Mr. Gunnar Stride, M.A., M.Sc.

Announcements and Dates:

1. Congratulations to Omar Abdalla, Meriam Farag, and Awlla El Fahal who are the recipients of the first Arete Awards of Excellence! Awlla El Fahal was a very, very, close Honorable Mention.

2. Textbooks are in and have been handed out to students just prior to the break.

3. The first project marks and portfolio marks are in and during Sunday's lesson students will be given very specific feedback. Overall, the class performed admirably as exactly half of the class received A*'-A's on their Letters from the Front/Trench Warfare Projects (a special kudos to Meriam Farag, Dana Salman, and Noora Al-Ajmi on this one for their stellar films). Additionally, precisely half of the class received marks of A*-A's on the portfolios, which constitutes 40% of the coursework grade for Term 1. Year 10 History, keep up the outstanding work and for individual students not keeping up the pace with your classmates, 'get in the game!' Do it today!

4. This week during lessons 1 and 2 on Sunday, 27 October and Monday, 28 October we will complete Project 2. The Project is a collaborative one and will be on the classroom trial of British Field Marshall Haig, commander of the British forces at the Battle of the Somme. Students will be given precisely 20 minutes of their lesson on Tuesday, October 29 to polish and refine their projects after which they will be turned in. As always, late work will not be accepted.

5. Tuesday, 29 October and Thursday, 31 October will be solely dedicated to helping students revise for their assessment week which will occur the the second week back from break between Sunday, 3 November-Thursday, 7 November.

6. Test 1 is upcoming and will be given on Wednesday, November 6 beginning at 12:17 in the MPR during assessment week. The exam will be a Paper 1 in terms of format. In terms of content, it will only cover Year 10's first Depth Study, World War I.

7. Upper Secondary History students will be leading the school wide commemoration and celebration of Armistice Day on November 11th. Selected Year 10 students will actively participate based upon desire and classroom performance.

What we will be studying

Core content studies:

  1. Were the peace studies of 1919-23 fair
  2. To what extent was the League of Nations a success?
  3. Why had international peace collapsed by 1939
  4. Who was to blame for the Cold War?
  5. How effectively did the U.S.A. contain the spread of communism?
  6. How secure was the U.S.S.R.'s control over Eastern Europe
  7. Why did events in the Gulf matter, c. 1970-2000

Depth studies:

  1. The First World War I, 1914-1918. Current Unit
  2. Year 11's Depth Study will be determined by the class.
2019-2020 Curriculum guide History Year 10



Year 10 students have been issued this book...

Additionally, students will also regularly work from these two texts as well...

In sum, students will have more than enough resources at their regular disposal to be successful in this course.

Grading and assessment weightings

90-100 A*

80-89 A

70-79 B

60-69 C

50-59 D

Below 50 E

Term 1

2 Examinations-40% of term grade

Classwork and short assessments-40% of term grade

Assignments and Projects-20% of term grade

Term 2

2 Examinations-50% of term grade

Classwork and short assessments-30% of term grade

Projects-20% of term grade

Term 3

2 Examinations-60% of term grade

Classwork and short assessments-20% of term grade

Projects-20% of term grade