Humanities Year 9

Brought to you by Mr Pierre!

Dear Year 9's

With the upcoming assessment week I would like to post some details for you.

Focus on the following:

  • Key words
  • Trenches
  • PEE writing
  • Source analysis
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
  • MAIN causes of WW1
  • Battle of the Somme

Please contact me or come see me for questions or guidance.

Classroom expectations.pptx

Classroom Expectations

Classroom behaviour expectation is based on the Golden Rule, "treat others the way you want to be treated" and EMS teacher and student expectations.

Year preview year 9.pptx

A Sneak Preview of 2019/2020!

This is a more visual overview of this years academic program.

Social Studies Year 9 Curriculum Subject Guide 2019.docx

Curriculum Subject Guide

This document contains details of the years academic work. Will be briefly discussed at parents meeting.

Secondary School Assessment Weightings 2017-18.pdf

Assessment Weightings

Dear Parents and Students

The document on the left explains the assessment weighting for the coming year. Please take a moment to read it. The documents will explain how students earn the grade they receive at the end of the term0

Dear parents and students.

In the Humanities faculty all teachers keep an updated Google classroom. All subject related resources can be found there as well as important information on upcoming assessments and projects. You will be invited by email or will receive a classroom code to join the site.

Please refer to the Google classroom site for day to day communication and resources. Alternatively teachers can be reached at school or by email.

We are looking forward to working with both parents and students alike.


Parents and students

Please take the time to read the syllabus for KS3. I have attached this document for transparency and convenience.

Kind regards

Mr. Pierre

KS3 - Secondary National Curriculum - Geographyy.pdf
KS3 - Secondary National Curriculum - History.pdf