Year 7

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Welcome to the Year 7 Social Studies site. This provides an overview of our Social Studies curriculum for the academic year 2019/20.

This overview is designed to be used in conjunction with the Google classrooms.

The Google classrooms will contain details of what the students are studying each week, and may in addition contain resources and assignments.

As and when assessment schedules are made available, the dates will be added here and on the Google classrooms.

Social Studies Y7 Curriculum guide

Important dates and assessment information:

  • 25th August - First day back at school!
  • Week commencing 08/09/2019 - Graded Classwork Assignment - Poster Activity.
  • 11/09/2019 - Curriculum Evening
  • Week commencing 15/09/2019 - Short Assessment - Vocabulary Quiz
  • Week commencing 29/09/2019 - Project work - Making a Map - this will be an individual project undertaken in class over 4 periods. .
  • Week commencing 29/09/2019 - This is the final week of the first 6 week Geography block. We will conclude the unit with a test of approximately 30 minutes. This test will be a review of the content and skills we have looked at so far in the subject. The tests will be undertaken on either Wednesday 2nd or Thursday 3rd, depending on the individual classes timetables.
  • Week commencing 03/11/2019 - The Term 1 assessment will focus on History. Students should study the key aspects of the topics covered over Week 1 and Week 2,
  1. What is history? How do historians organise events in the past? Using dates and identifying centuries.
  2. Evidence - different kinds of evidence
  3. Historian's Toolkit - Important concepts that we need to understand and use when looking at history.

Students will need to use the notes they have made in their copybooks and on their worksheets to prepare for the assessment. Students should also consider the skills they used and the lessons they learned from the 'Mystery of the Skeletons' exercise.

Students are strongly encouraged to review material posted on the google classroom.