Year 11

Ms. Ruby

Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives places academic specialization in a practical, real-world context, being a seminar-based opportunity to research and explore a range of issues challenging people across the globe. Developing critical/analytical, research, and problem-solving skills essential to higher education, students will learn to place their personal perspectives in a global context, finding new inspiration and challenges for their studies. Students will submit a presentation and an essay from their portfolio and sit an examination.

Aims of the syllabus

  • become independent and empowered to take their place in an ever-changing, information-heavy, interconnected world
  • develop an analytical, evaluative grasp of global issues and their causes, consequences and possible courses of action
  • enquire into, and reflect on, issues independently and in collaboration with others from different cultural perspectives
  • work independently as well as part of a team, directing much of their own learning with the teacher as an active facilitator
  • consider important issues from personal, local and/or national and global perspectives and understand the links between these
  • critically assess the information available to them and support judgements with lines of reasoning
  • communicate and empathize with the needs and rights of others.

Topics Covered

Component 1 Written Examination 35%

  • Demographic change
  • Education for all
  • Employment
  • Fuel and energy
  • Globalisation
  • Law and criminality
  • Migration
  • Transport systems
  • Component 2 Individual Report 30%
  • Belief systems
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem loss
  • Changing communities
  • Digital world
  • Family
  • Humans and other species
  • Sustainable living
  • Trade and aid

Term Work

Term 1: Students will focus on completing all coursework and submitting to Cambridge by the end of December.

Term 2: Students will learn about Component 1 topics for their written exam and will focus on past papers to prepare for the final IGCSE Written Exam.

Term 3: Students will have their final revision before the IGCSE Written Exam.

Student Expectations

  • Effective time management to keep to deadlines - Students will need to take greater responsibility for their learning. Students’ progress will still be monitored closely and offered support should they fall behind with work - it is essential though that all do their best to adhere to work deadlines.
  • Academic Honesty - Students must exercise academic honesty in all aspects of their work.
  • Independent Learning - Students must continue to take responsibility for their own learning.


  • Global Perspectives for Cambridge IGCSE® by Jo Lally
  • Global Perspectives for Cambridge IGCSE
  • Google Classroom