Welcome t0 Year 12 English General Paper!

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Mr. Gunnar Stride, M.A., M.Sc.

Explanation of Course - and Expectations

AS General Paper is a compelling and intriguing subject that links both with the Secondary School English curriculum, as well as exploring a wide variety of other topics of which all students should be aware. Current World Affairs are discussed, as well as topics of a more general nature. As the subject is classed as an English First Language subject proficiency in English persuasive and expository essay writing is essential.


1.Congratulations to Abdulrahman Basheer, Year 12 English General Paper's first Arete Award of Excellence recipient.

2. Exam 1 on Paper 1 will be given on Sunday, 3 November promptly at the beginning of lesson. The format will be a Paper 1 (writing paper exam) and because of time constraints it will be with a reduced word count. The Exam will be given promptly at the beginning of lesson 2 so don't be late!

3, Regarding #2 above, the entire first week back from the break will be dedicated to revising and honing the skills students will need to be successful on their exam, and more importantly, with expository writing in general.

Completed Units:

1. Aristotelian appeals

2. Persuasive techniques, and persuasive writing

Current unit:

1. Expository writing including brainstorming, organizing the essay, introductory and closing sentences, and thesis statements.

Assignments, Projects, and Tests:

Assignment 1: name plate assignment. Completed

Project 1: EMS Public Service Ads and persuasive writing assignment. Completed

Practice Essay 1 on past paper prompts. Completed

Looking Ahead:

Paper 2: the reading paper

Class Syllabus

Link to the Cambridge 2019 English General Paper Syllabus

Curriculum Guide 2018-2019


This course has no textbook - rather, its textbook is the world around us! Students who wish to progress in this subject are encouraged to become avid readers, become dedicated TV news watchers and become questioners! 'Why?' should be the word on every General Paper students lips! In this case 'Curiosity won't kill the cat' - it'll ensure a more rounded approach to answering the questions of our time!

Classwork and Homework

Lessons involve a lot of discussion and brainstorming, the occasional video and a great deal of writing. 'Best practice' is taught to hone writing skills and attention is drawn to adequate planning to ensure a sequentially logical essay. Homework is given weekly - and will take the form of a written essay (or similar written exercise) or research for completion a number of days hence.

New lessons are taught four times a week although the topic being covered may last a week in itself. Students are expected to keep up with all assignments and hand work in at the required time.

Work not handed in on time is not graded.

Term 1 gives students the opportunity to hone their writing skills to cope with the pressure of the external examinations. Students also receive a copy of the curriculum at the beginning of the year. Students may also access the curriculum at www.cie.org.uk

2019-2020 Curriculum Guide English General Paper

Grading and assessment weightings

90-100 A*

80-89 A

70-79 B

60-69 C

50-59 D

Below 50 E

Term 1

2 Examinations-40% of term grade

Classwork and short assessments-40% of term grade

Assignments and Projects-20% of term grade

Term 2

Mock examination-40%

1 Additional Examination-20%

Classwork and short assessments-40%

Term 3

Students entire grade will come from the Cambridge Examination which is graded externally