Assessment Weeks Year 7 - 10

Assessment week 1 information:

Assessment week 1: Years 7-10 , 3 to 12 November 2019

Dear parents,

We are approaching our first Assessment week, taking place the second week after the half-term holiday. Please see the Assessment timetable below for the exact days for each of your child’ tests. All assessments will take place during normal lessons as indicated on the timetable and will take place in the new multipurpose rooms above the new cafeteria. Normal lessons will take place before and after each assessment and your child will follow his/her normal daily schedule apart from when a test is taking place.

We will be following exam procedures during these assessments which mean that no digital communications devices will be allowed in the exam room(s). All mobile phones, smartwatches etc will be collected at the start of each test and returned to the students after all papers are collected. Any attempts to cheat during the test will be dealt with severely and may result in a suspension and/or the result can be cancelled. Please see the Cambridge Guidance to Assessments posted below - "Notice to candidates". Students will line up outside the cafeteria on the football pitch in their form classes before each test, and after all papers are collected, students will be dismissed row by row either to break or to their next lesson.

Subject teachers will be putting revision guides on our Secondary Google Site, and additional revision material will be on their Google Classrooms. There will also be the opportunity for revision sessions with subject teachers in the week leading up to the exam, if required. If you have any concerns about having access to any of these resources or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the subject teacher or the Head of Department directly via email.

Please assist your child during this half term holiday to create a revision timetable, making sure that they have plenty of time to rest and relax as well.

Thank you again for your continued support!

Kind regards,

Nandia Nel

AP: Academic

Assessment week 1 timetable:

Assessment Week T1 2019 2020.pdf

Guidelines from Cambridge Assessment: