IGCSE English Literature Year 11

Ms. Daniela

Welcome back Year 11 Literature students!


1. A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

2. York Notes for GCSE- A view from the Bridge

Cambridge IGCSE Literature 0486

Paper 1

Poetry and Prose 50 marks 1 hour 30 minutes

Two questions on two texts: one Poetry and one Prose

Paper 2

Drama 50 marks 1 hour and 30 minutes

Two questions on two texts

Week 9-13 September

Discuss major themes in the play- law and justice, codes of honour

Beatrice's role in Act 1

Week 23-27 September

Discuss grade booster tips and analysing the break down of the exam questions

Act 2- discuss the theme of betrayal in the book

Focus on the learner's guide

Week 4-11 October

Extract-based questions from A View from the Bridge

Discuss examiner's tips and grade boosters

"Just remember kid, you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stolen than a word that you gave away"- Eddie Carbone


Wednesday 19 September assessment 1

Literature project due on 7 October