IGCSE English 10 Second Language

Ms. Bianca, Mr Jabari and Ms Safae

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In Partnership,

Year 10 Teachers

Focus of the week

5 January

Language Exercises

Writing Email and a Magazine Article

12 January

Language: Reading Comprehension

Listening Assessment

Important Dates


Students will be assessed during the test on their writing skills with a focus on the standards below:

  • W1 communicate information/ideas/opinions clearly, accurately and effectively
  • W2 organise ideas into coherent paragraphs using a range of appropriate linking devices
  • W3 use a range of grammatical structures and vocabulary accurately and effectively
  • W4 show control of punctuation and spelling W5 use appropriate register and style/format for the given purpose and audience
  • R1 identify and select relevant information
  • R2 understand ideas, opinions and attitudes
  • R3 show understanding of the connections between ideas, opinions and attitudes
  • R4 understand what is implied but not directly stated, e.g. gist, writer’s purpose, intention and feelings

The following resources are highly recommended for students to utilize:

  • English as a Second Language Coursebook and Workbook by Marian Barry
  • Summary and Note-Taking by Marian Barry

Helpful Links: