IGCSE English 10 Second Language

Please note that all Year 10 SL teachers use Google Classroom for their respective classes. For daily announcements and updates, please check your child's Google Classroom. You can also opt to receive these daily updates as they are sent on your phone. Please contact the teacher if you need another invitation sent for the code or have any questions.

In Partnership,

Year 10 Teachers

English Year 10 Second Language Teachers:

Important Dates:

Term 3 Test: 31 March 2019

Skills to be covered:

    • Reading strategies (comprehension/note-taking/summary)
    • Article writing techniques (persuasive devices)


Term 3:-

50% (Early Mock) .

50% (Classwork, Assessments and Project)

Students will complete assessments once a week which will form part of their assessment grade.


Term 2:-

50% Test

30 % Classwork and short assessments

20% Projects


Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Year 10SL will be working on a project to produce a Google slide show and presentation on a specific location of their choice. They will be required to research and use ICT skills to produce an assessed project which will be graded. In groups they will research for 3 days and put together their final presentation for Wednesday and Thursday. They will be graded on speaking, listening, research skills which require reading and writing skills.


Term 1:-

40% of overall mark - Two tests

40% of overall mark - Class Work- Short Assessments

20% of overall marks -Two Projects

Important Dates:

Test: 13 November

Skills to be covered:

    • Reading strategies
    • Formal letter/email writing

Important Dates:

Test: 11 December

Skills to be covered:

    • Article writing
    • Note-taking

Important Dates:

Project Presentation: 10,12, 16 December

Skills to be covered:

  • Communicate ideas/ opinions clearly, accurately and effectively
  • Show control of pronunciation and intonation patterns
  • Engage in a conversation and contribute effectively to help move the conversation forward.

The following resources are highly recommended for students to utilize:

  • English as a Second Language Coursebook and Workbook by Marian Barry
  • Summary and Note-Taking by Marian Barry

Helpful Links: