IGCSE English First Language Year 11

Ms. Christine, Ms. Bianca, Ms. Roxaan

Welcome back students and parents!


  1. First Unit: note-taking and summary writing, IGCSE Paper 2, Question 3.


Course texts:

  1. First Language for Cambridge IGCSE by Jane Arrendo
  2. Cambridge IGCSE First Language Coursebook by Marian Cox
  3. Complete First Language for Cambridge IGCSE Workbook
  4. Cambridge Summary and Note-taking by Marian Barry
  5. All documents, including syllabi and schemes of work, past paper examinations, specimen papers, and mark schemes for Cambridge IGCSE CIE Teacher Support website.
  6. Wider reading taken from masters of writing in the English Language as needed.

Summarizing and Summary Writing.docx
Narrative and descriptive writing.doc

IGCSE skills/questions checklist

In 2015, 2016,2017 and 2018 Cambridge IGCSE students taking the extended exam had to perform the following thinking, reading, and writing tasks on their exams:

1. Note-taking and summary writing, Paper 2, Question 3.

Unit begun on 17 Sep.

Timed writing exercise Past Paper October/November 2015, Paper 22.

Timed writing exercise: Past paper February/March 2016, Paper 22.

2. How writer's achieve effects/effects of language, Paper 2, Question 2.

3. Narrative and descriptive writing, Paper 3, Question 2.

4. Informal and formal letter writing, Paper's 2 and or 3, Question 1

5. Newspaper and magazine article writing Paper 2, Question 1 or Paper 3, Question 1.

6. Other directed writing genres including speech, interview, and journal writing, either Paper 2, Question 1 or Paper 3, Question 1.

Assessment weightings and grading:

Assessment weightings for Term 1

Tests 50%

Classwork and short assessments 40%

Assignments and projects 10%

Assessment weightings for Term 2

Tests-mock examination 50%

Tests-single term test 20%

Classwork and short assessments 30%

Grading: Year 11 adheres to EMS' Secondary grading standards:






49 and below=E

Wider reading/reading for pleasure:

  1. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. In class line by line analysis and discussion