IGCSE First English Language

Year 10

Ms Sheelagh and Ms Waliha


'.....the tremendous power of sleep ......what a gift to wake up in harmony with their own body'

Wendy Troxel ....Sleep Scientist (TED talks)

THANK YOU to the parents who came to the Parents' conference last week! Not only is it welcoming to meet the parents of the children I see every day of the week but it is important for me to discuss their progress and understand a little about their backgrounds.

For the parents who could not make it this term I hope to see you next term.

If there are any queries/worries please contact me.

Ms Sheelagh

We would like to take the opportunity to inform you of the curriculum to be studied by your child in Year 10 English First Language. Please note that marks will be rewarded for your child’s progress in this subject; for classwork, projects/assignments, and tests in various formats. Your child will receive ample warning concerning tests.

The IGCSE 2-year course follows the requirements of the Cambridge English First Language syllabus 0500 (2019).

Students and parents have access to the syllabus and other information via the CIE's website. www.cie.org.uk

Student Learner Guide http://www.cambridgeinternational.org/images/163028-learner-guide-for-cambridge-igcse-first-language-english-0500-.pdf

English First Language curriculum guide.docx


TERM 1 2 3

Assignment & Project(AP) 20% 10% 20%

CW/short assessments(CSA) 40% 40% 20%

TESTS/Final 40% 50% 60%

Parents are encouraged to support their child’s learning by taking an active interest in the subject by checking homework, tests, and project schedules. Please do not hesitate in setting up an appointment with either of the teachers via e-mail if you wish to discuss anything concerning your child. sheelagh.roverato@emsdoha.net


PARENTS Important dates :

Week's Schedule: Sunday 14 January 2018

  • Homework due Notes/points on SOCIAL, POLITICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL problems
  • Speech writing classwork written assessment
  • Classwork assessment return: High Tides - discuss /feedback mistakes
  • Informal letter writing

Important Academic dates:

  • TEST 1 Sunday January 21

The Assignment/Project tests the following writing assessment objectives as for the Cambridge First Language Syllabus 2019

(20 marks):

W1 articulate experience and express what is thought, felt and imagined

W2 organise facts, ideas and opinions

W3 use a range of appropriate vocabulary

W4 use register appropriate to audience and context

W5 make accurate use of spelling, punctuation and grammar.