Year 9

Ms. Nelda / Ms. Bianca / Ms. Safae / Mr. Jabari


A warm welcome to all students and their parents! We are looking forward to the 2018-2019 academic year where we would like to build a strong and trusting learning community. Please check this site regularly as it will be updated weekly with content to be covered as well as all important dates and events.

We believe in open communication with students and parents, so please feel free to email us or set up an appointment should you wish to discuss anything. We are excited for the year ahead and we look forward to working with our lovely students!

Curriculum Subject Guide

Curriculum Subject Guide Year 9.pdf

Assessment weightings

Assessment weightings .pdf


Collins Cambridge Checkpoint Stage 9 (coursebook and workbook)

The Giver (Lois Lowry)

Class readers

Class expectations

  • Be on time and prepared with everything you need (books, stationery, etc.).
  • Have respect for yourself, others around you and the environment.
  • Be responsible and accountable for any work due such as homework, projects and assignments (if there is a problem, inform us in advance).
  • Read and practise your English skills on a daily basis.
  • Ask for help and support when needed.
  • Pay attention, participate and give your best.

Joy Revolution

Focus for the week

Term 1

Week 29 - 30 August

Welcome, introductions, scheme of work, classroom expectations.

Week 2 - 6 September

Introduction to summary writing: reading strategies, steps to writing summary. Introduction to novel: revisit plot, characters and setting, read chapter 1 of The Giver. Joy Revolution: introduction, project for the month.

Week 9 - 13 September

Summary writing: summarise fiction and non-fiction texts by applying reading strategies and steps to summary writing. Novel study: chapter 2 of The Giver, analyse elements of the story (characters, setting, introduction to plot). Joy Revolution: complete design and decoration of Box of Joy.

Week 16 - 20 September

Concepts of 'audience' and 'purpose'; introduction to genre (fiction) - identify different types and their features. Novel study: chapter 1 & 2 of The Giver - new vocabulary (using contextual clues), reading comprehension questions, analysis of setting and important ideas. Joy Revolution: continue decoration of Boy of Joy and starting work on content of box (see Google Classroom for detailed information and assessment rubrics).

Important date: Wednesday 19 September, short assessment - chapter 1 & 2 of The Giver, open book.

Important date: Wednesday 19 September, Curriculum Evening.